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In this world of digitalization, everyone is trying to stand out by making their online presence. But only creating a page on Facebook or having an account on Twitter and posting updates on a daily basis is not just enough to stand out among others. Whatever method you adopt to make your online presence, but it should be “engaging” enough so that the audience derive the most of it. This is what AMHSER focuses on while making social/online presence of our clients in the digital medium.

We provide an array of services to strengthen business through Digital Marketing. These services include:

Strengthening Business through Web

Internet is the quickest medium to attract a wide range of audience. Hence when used in the right way can serve as the best tool to accelerate the business growth. Our in-house Design Studio UI/UX developers can bring you the best in class designs for all your web presence from logos to the most creative websites.

Search Engine Optimizations

Websites should no longer just be an information sharing source, but a powerful tool to attract new customers and convert every view or a click into revenue. Understanding our customers through Analytics, comfort of understanding through Content Optimization, directing their searches through Search Engine Optimizations are some of our improvisation techniques for a better prospect in business.

Social Media Presence 

If there is a shortest way to increase your brand visibility it is this. Enhancing your Social Media Presence includes attracting more customers through Social Media Optimization, post informative engaging information to target audience through blogging and making your brand resonate across the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and so on.


The age old but still the best way to enhance your business is through advertising. However for the internet audience we need to find the most attractive, short spanned and informative advertisements which can be done through info graphics and infotainments. This includes every possible space in the internet from social posts, social advertisement, viral videos and blogs.

Tailor-made Marketing 

When we create possibilities, we just do not provide clichéd solutions, but we get them tailor-made as we know that every business is different. We understand and help you define your goals, draw the story board to figure out your target audience, keep track of your competitors and choose the best fit strategy for Digital Marketing. Not ending with that, we still understand the results and analyse on continuous improvement strategies. Be it short-term marketing like advertisements or long-term advertising like social media marketing we help you reach your vision faster and steadier.

Digital Amhser make a detailed assessment of the target audience of our clients so that right messages get delivered to the right people. The impact of social media/online presence could be easily measured as we work transparently on result oriented models. We feel honoured to make online presence of our clients on social media platforms possible and stand out among others. Digital Amhser provide a perfect blend of Technology, Strategy, Marketing and Social Interaction.

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